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My idea for week one is a very simple and easy way to save some plastic waste. In my personal, sometimes snobby opinion, plastic=death. It’s awful. One of mankind’s most destructive discoveries. Although, most manufacturers would argue that it propelled industry forward; it’s used in almost every sort of product and brings in an uncanny amount of money.

Even though people have generally started recycling, think about how many times you’ve had a water bottle, and as soon as you finish it or get sick of carrying it, you throw it away wherever you can. There aren’t always recycling bins around, and the truth is, we’re all about convenience.

My latest purchase was this Camelbak water bottle, courtesy of Moosejaw and an Amazon gift card from my brother. So yes, it’s made of plastic. That’s an obvious downfall. But, it’s BPA free (Bisphenol A), which, according to the FDA is a toxic substance found in many water bottles. And, I’m reusing it and reusing it, therefore it’s not one of the millions of bottles thrown away in a given day. It’s a great thing to buy, I would recommend this brand to everyone—and the spill proof, easy-to-drink style makes me want to drink more water, which is always needed. :)

I’m on my way to greendom! This is a first, tiny tiny baby step. But it’s something.